"Unexpected Shadows"

© Fay Fox
© Fay Fox

Jake Heggie: Unexpected Shadows
Studio Recording
June/July 2019 in Marin County (CA), USA
featuring Jamie Barton, Jake Heggie & Matt Haimovitz

Renowned mezzo-soprano Jamie Barton presents a recital of songs by prolific American composer Jake Heggie. Barton collaborates with the composer at the piano, as well as cellist Matt Haimovitz, in a celebration of powerful and exceptional women with word and music.


Released on September 18, 2020
1 SACD (66’40)

Jake Heggie: Unexpected Shadows

"Music" from "Breaking the Waves" (Sister Helen Prejean)

"The Work at Hand" (Laura Morefield)

  1. "Individual Origami"
  2. "Warrior 1"
  3. "The Slow Seconds"

"Iconic Legacies: First ladies at the Smithsonian" (Gene Scheer)

  1. "Eleanor Roosevelt"
  2. "Mary Todd Lincoln"
  3. "Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis"
  4. "Barbara Bush"

"Ice Cube Aria" from "If I Were You" (Gene Scheer)

"Of Gods & Cats" (Gavin Dillard)

  1. "In the Beginning"
  2. "Once Upon a Universe"

"Statuesque" (Gene Scheer)

  1. "Henry Moore"
  2. "Pablo Picasso"
  3. "Hatshepsut"
  4. "Alberto Giacometti"
  5. "Winged Victory"


Jamie Barton (Mezzo-soprano)
Jake Heggie (Piano)
Matt Haimovitz (Violoncello)

Production Team

Executive Producer: Jake Heggie
Recording, Mixing and Mastering Producer &
Digital Editor: Steve Barnett
Recording, Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Preston Smith
Assistant Engineer: Dann Thompson

Recording Coordinator: Nicolle Foland

All music published by BENT PEN MUSIC, INC (Bent P Music BMI).
Represented by Bill Holab Music (www.billholabmusic.com). All rights reserved.

A San Francisco Classical Recording Company Production

Recording Location

Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm Ltd. company, Marin County (CA), USA
June 30 - July 6, 2019