Motets by Bruckner & Haydn

© Jean-Marie Geijsen
© Jean-Marie Geijsen

Anton Bruckner & Michael Haydn: Motets
Studio Recording
February 2020 in Leipzig, Germany
featuring the MDR-Rundfunkchor & conductor Philipp Ahmann

While Anton Bruckner may be the more recognizable composer of liturgical works, the influence of Michael Haydn’s sacred choral works on Bruckner’s compositions is immense, even generations later. Thanks to the artistry of the MDR-Rundfunkchor, we can hear this for ourselves. SFCRC’s studio recording from the Paul-Gehardt-Kirche in Leipzig showcases chief conductor Phillip Ahmann’s thoughtful juxtaposition of the two composers’ various motets.


Released on March 12, 2021

Anton Bruckner & Michael Haydn: Motets

Anton Bruckner
"Locus iste"
"Inveni David" for men chorus and four trombones
"Christus factus est"
"Afferentur regi" for mixed choir and three trombones
"Pange lingua"
"Os justi"
"Ave Maria"
"Vexilla regis"
"Virga Jesse"

Michael Haydn
"Christus factus est" MH 628,2
"O vos omnes"
"Ecce quomodo moritur justus"
"Christus factus est" MH 58
"Salve Regina"
"Tenebrae factae sunt"


MDR-Rundfunkchor (MDR Leipzig Radio Choir)
Sebastian Krause, Eckart Wiegräbe, Uwe Gebel, Fernando Günther (Trombones)
Philipp Ahmann (Conductor)

Production Team

Producer: Job Maarse (SFCRC)
Production Manager: Christina Gembaczka (for SFCRC)
Balance Engineer & Editing: Jean-Marie Geijsen (Polyhymnia International)
Recording Engineer & Editing: Andreas Wolf (Polyhymnia International)

A San Francisco Classical Recording Company Production
in Cooperation with MDR Klassik

Recording Location

Paul-Gerhardt-Kirche, Leipzig, Germany
February 3-7, 2020