Highlights from Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess"

© Matthew Hall
© Matthew Hall

George Gershwin: Highlights from Porgy and Bess
Live Recording
March 2020 in Philadelphia (PA), USA
the cast includes Angel Blue, Lester Lynch, Chauncey Packer, Kevin Short & conductor Marin Alsop with The Philadelphia Orchestra & Morgan State University Choir

In an abridged version of "Porgy and Bess", created especially for the Philadelphia Orchestra, hear Marin Alsop conduct highlights of the opera’s most exciting moments, guiding us through the opera’s moving story. The outstanding soloists, Angel Blue, Lester Lynch, Chauncey Parker, and Kevin Short, along with the Morgan State University Choir, are sure to give you chills in this remarkable live recording.


Released on July 9, 2021

George Gershwin: Highlights from Porgy and Bess
Music and Lyrics by George Gershwin, DuBose and Dorothy Heyward, and Ira Gershwin
Libretto: DuBose Heyward

Act 1
Introduction (Orchestra)

Scene 1: Catfish Row, a Summer Evening
"A Woman Is a Sometime Thing"

Scene 2: Serena’s Room, the Following Night
"Where Is Brudder Robbins? He’s a Gone, Gone Gone"
"My Man’s Gone Now"

Act 2
Scene 1: Catfish Row, a Month Later
"I Got Plenty o’ Nuttin’"
"Lo’ Bess, Goin’ to Picnic?"
"Bess, You Is My Woman"
"Oh, I Can’t Sit Down"
"Porgy, I Hates to Go"

Scene 2: Kittiwah Island, Evening, the Same Day
"It Ain’t Necessarily So"
"Hear What I Tell You"
"What You Want wid Bess?"

Scene 3: Catfish Row, before Dawn, a Week Later
"Now de Time, oh Gawd – I Loves You, Porgy"

Act 3
Scene 1: Catfish Row, the Next Night
Andantino Dolente
"Clara, Clara – Jesus Is Walkin’ on de Water"

Scene 2: Catfish Row, the Next Afternoon
"Cheer Up Sistuh"
"There’s A Boat dat’s Leavin’ Soon for New York"
"You Low Crawlin’ Hound!"

Scene 3: Catfish Row, a Week Later
"Thank Gawd I’s Home Again"
"Oh Lawd, I’m on My Way"


Angel Blue, Soprano (Bess, Clara, Serena, Lily, & Choir Soli)
Lester Lynch, Baritone (Porgy)
Kevin Short, Bass (Crown, Jake & Choir Soli)
Chauncey Packer, Tenor (Sportin' Life)
Alexandria Crichlow, Soprano* (Maria & Choir Soli)
Darrin Scott, Tenor* (Mingo & Choir Soli)
Morgan State University Choir
Eric Conway (Chorus Master)
The Philadelphia Orchestra
David Kim (Concertmaster)
Lina Gonzalez-Granados (Assistant Conductor)
Marin Alsop (Conductor)

*taking over some lines from other roles in "Where Is Brudder Robbins? He’s a Gone, Gone Gone"

Production Team

Executive Producers: Matías Tarnopolsky (The Philadelphia Orchestra) & Job Maarse (SFCRC)
Recording Producer: Job Maarse (SFCRC)
Production Assistant: Christina Gembaczka (for SFCRC)
Balance Engineer & Mix: Mark Donahue (Soundmirror)
Recording Engineer & Editing: Dirk Sobotka (Soundmirror)

A San Francisco Classical Recording Company Production in Co-production with The Philadelphia Orchestra

The original concerts were sponsored by Elaine W. Camarda and A. Morris Williams, Jr., & Accordant Advisors

Recording Location

Verizon Hall, Philadelphia (PA), USA
March 3-7, 2020

This CD was recorded live by The Philadelphia Orchestra in the last concerts performed in front of a public audience before the COVID-19 pandemic.