"Die Schöpfung" (The Creation)

© Björn Kadenbach
© Björn Kadenbach

Joseph Haydn: Die Schöpfung (The Creation)
Live recording
July 2022 // Dresden, Germany
the cast includes Christiane Karg, Benjamin Bruns, Tareq Nazmi & conductor Marek Janowski
with the Dresdner Philharmonie & MDR-Rundfunkchor

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Scheduled to be released in 2024

Joseph Haydn: Die Schöpfung (The Creation) Hob. XXI:2
Oratorio in three parts for solists, choir and orchestra
Text by Baron Gottfried van Swieten


Christiane Karg (Soprano)
Benjamin Bruns (Tenor)
Tareq Nazmi (Bass)           
Sebastian Breuing (Chorus Master)
Dresdner Philharmonie
Marek Janowski (Conductor)

Production Team

Executive Producers: Frauke Roth (Dresdner Philharmonie) & Job Maarse (SFCRC)
Recording Producer: Job Maarse (SFCRC)
Production Assistance: Christina Gembaczka (for SFCRC)
Balance Engineer & Editing: Erdo Groot (Polyhymnia International B.V.)
Recording Engineer: Carl Schuurbiers (for Polyhymnia International B.V.)
Assistant Engineer: Tetsuro Kanai (for Polyhymnia International B.V.)

A San Francisco Classical Recording Company Production in association with Dresdner Philharmonie

Recording Location

Kulturpalast Dresden, Germany
July 8-10, 2022